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Benefits and Competitive Advantages of RE/MAX Affiliation

Every program and service that RE/MAX provides is designed to enable Associates to reap the maximum reward for their efforts and to help them reach their full professional potential. From national television advertising to a global referral network, and from the RE/MAX Satellite Network to state-of-the-art electronic tools, RE/MAX offers it all.

The RE/MAX Concept

The name RE/MAX was coined from the words "real estate" and "maximums." In exchange for paying a management fee and a share of monthly office overhead, RE/MAX Associates keep the maximum allowed amount of their commissions and receive the many benefits of RE/MAX programs and services. RE/MAX Associates share office expenses and a common identity and retain their earnings.

National advertising

Prime-time RE/MAX images fill television screens in homes across the United States and portions of Canada, generating more than 5 billion impressions annually.

Public relations

RE/MAX public relations takes many forms - from charity sponsorships to sports marketing through the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship and auto racing.

Documents available through the design Center include:






Freedom in Advertising

While all RE/MAX Associates contribute to group advertising funds, you determine how to invest in your own individual advertising and personal promotion. At RE/MAX, it's the Associate - not the Broker/Owner - who decides how much he or she spends on advertising and which media to use to best serve customers. Unlike agents with other real estate operations, RE/MAX Associates receive the leads that their efforts generate. The independence and creativity of RE/MAX Sales Associates are nowhere more visible than in personal promotion activities. The RE/MAX Design Center offers an online collection of more than 1,300 customizable marketing materials to Associates in the United States, much of Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, Chile, Guam, New Zealand and Singapore.

RE/MAX Design Center (Design Center Logo)

The RE/MAX Design Center, powered by Imprev, offers Affiliates in many countries and regions access to high-quality, customizable marketing pieces at no additional cost. The service offers more than 1,300 materials, including several hundred specifically branded for RE/MAX. Associates can quickly and easily locate and customize the documents, print and distribute them.


Build a personal sales team

At RE/MAX, you are free to hire licensed or unlicensed assistants, or create a sales team with members specializing in various aspects of the business - all within the overall management framework of the brokerage. This freedom enables you to build your business to any level you desire.

Negotiate commission rates

Sales agents with conventional companies work within a rate established by the brokerage. It's different at RE/MAX, where you have the flexibility to negotiate commission rates with customers. This freedom benefits both you and the customer, especially when specialized properties require innovative marketing.

Advanced business training

Since it doesn't have to cater to inexperienced or marginal producers, RE/MAX training immediately jumps to the top producer's core need - increasing business without increasing work time. All RE/MAX training focuses on this goal, whether delivered via the RE/MAX Satellite Network, RSN®, national and regional conventions, or office-level training sessions. An increasing number of RSN® courses are worth credit for continuing education or professional designations. A typical RE/MAX International Convention includes more than 130 educational sessions, including numerous courses offering credit toward professional designations.

International referral program

The RE/MAX Referral Program has proved to be more successful than any other referral system in North America. Full-time quality Associates sending leads directly to other full-time quality Associates provide better service for customers and extra income for themselves. With the RE/MAX Web Roster on Mainstreet - which is updated daily - it's easy to find an ideal recipient and automatically generate and send referral forms.

Most Recognized Logo in Real Estate

The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is one of the most recognized symbols in real estate, a reflection of large market share. The "Above the Crowd®" logo soars on RE/MAX advertising and promotion worldwide.

More signs, more ads, more prospects

When an office is filled with top-producing agents, the result is more yard signs and advertising throughout the market and more customers walking into or calling the office. Momentum picks up even more because only competent professionals handle the floor - converting a high percentage of off-the-street business into listings and sales.

Experiment and be creative

RE/MAX Associates are innovators. They were among the first to aggressively embrace personal promotion and buyer agency, and to adapt technology to the real estate sales process. New ways of doing business don't depend on top-down approval. The innovations start in the field and the RE/MAX system responds with support. RE/MAX Affiliates are encouraged to be the first to pioneer trends that lead to increased productivity.

Have all the advantages of owning a business without the disadvantages

At RE/MAX, you enjoy the independence of running your own business without the hassle of keeping shared equipment running, handling staff payroll, getting the brokerage bills paid, dealing with business ownership tax issues and meeting other regulations that are among the day-to-day responsibilities of the broker. This arrangement frees you to focus on selling real estate.

Control your expenses

At RE/MAX, you have complete control of how much of your income you put back into your business and how you allocate business expenses.

Benefit fully from business-expense tax deductions

The maximum commission concept means RE/MAX Associates don't immediately lose a percentage of income - and thus the tax deductibility of that "expense" - to a broker.

Set and attain your own goals

At RE/MAX, you create your own business plans and set your own goals. No manager will tell you how many sales you need to make or whether it's appropriate to pursue a particular professional designation. You schedule your own vacations and work under your own pressure, not someone else's.

Control your work schedule

Having the freedom of being in business for yourself, you can set your own income goals at RE/MAX and plan the use of your time accordingly. Convinced that leisure time is crucial to professional success, RE/MAX encourages Associates to take time for other areas of their lives and to recharge their energies.

Personal promotion

At RE/MAX, Sales Associates have the freedom to be creative with unlimited promotion and advertising to generate a continual stream of qualified prospects.

Prosper in any market

RE/MAX synergy, services, the maximum commission program, referral and repeat business, and real estate experience, enable RE/MAX Associates to survive - and even flourish - in down markets.

The Real Estate Leaders®

RE/MAX was the first network in the industry to pass the sales milestone of 1 million transaction sides in a single year. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

Repeat and Referral Customers

RE/MAX Associates have built up reserves of satisfied customers. About 70 percent of RE/MAX transactions result from repeats and referrals, quality prospects who require far less qualifying than new customers. The less predictable sources of business make up about 30 percent of the transactions of RE/MAX Associates. When a recession hits, it's the salesperson with the contacts and the referrals who continues to thrive.

Choose Your Specialty

Being in business for yourself at RE/MAX, you have the flexibility to choose your listing and sales specialties. A glance at the RE/MAX Referral Roster shows more than 20 residential and commercial specialty areas declared by RE/MAX Associates. These include auctions, buyer brokerage, condominiums, farm and land, luxury homes, military, new construction, relocation, rentals, and vacation and resort properties - the entire property and housing spectrum.

Specialize in real estate sales, not marketing unrelated services

With RE/MAX there is no pressure to market products or services in conjunction with the real estate transaction. There is no risk that the success of a transaction will be tainted by a customer's experience with a product or service over which the agent has no control. No mandatory home warranty programs. No home improvement projects. No hotel or car-rental pitches.

Build your real estate portfolio without paying big commissions to the broker
When selling property in your own portfolio, you want to keep the maximum gain possible - not forfeit a big chunk of a commission. Why sacrifice personal investment returns to fund your broker's retirement instead funding your own?

Worry-free Vacations

At RE/MAX, it's not going to be the new kid who fills in on a suddenly sensitive deal because the broker thinks the experience will do him some good. When you are away from work, only competent professionals are there to shepherd transactions forward.

Enjoy the pride that comes with running one's own business

RE/MAX Associates are perceived as being independent entrepreneurs. This earns the respect of industry peers and other professionals in the community. And most important, it generates an intense internal pride that comes from making your own way.

Unlimited opportunity to succeed

At RE/MAX, your success is limited only by your ability, determination, and hard work - not by restrictions one finds in conventional real estate companies. At RE/MAX, quality people who are serious about excelling in the real estate business have the freedom to realize their full business potential. The professionalism and experience of existing RE/MAX Sales Associates contribute to the success of each new Associate.

In addition, RE/MAX name recognition, reputation for quality service, and market strength - rapidly becoming worldwide in scope - provide Associates a considerable advantage when competing for clients.

Take a Step Above the Crowd®

If you are interested in joining one of the fastest-growing real estate organizations in the world, call your nearest RE/MAX Connection office.